Notice for Registration 2017


Interviews for Registration of students for the BIT New Intake – 2017

Registration for the new intake has been scheduled as follows. Letters have already been posted for the attached lists of students, if you don’t receive the letter please visit the External Degrees Centre with the documents mentioned below. Those who have not invited for the interviews on these two days are called for the interviews next weekend ( 27.01.2017 and 28.01.2017).

Dates:-               21.01.2017 and 22.01.2017

Time:-                 from 9.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m

Venue:-              External Degrees Centre,  UCSC, No.17, Swarna Road, Colombo 06.

List of eligible candidates to appear for the interviews on the above dates are attached below. Please check the lists and find the date and time allocated for you.



  • Originals of the following:
  1. National ID card or Valid Passport or Valid Postal ID
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Marriage Certificate (Where necessary)
  4. Educational certificates
  1. GCE A/L Certificate
  2. GCE O/L Certificates
  1. For candidates who have obtained foundation in Information Technology (FIT)
  1. FIT Letter issued by University of Colombo School of Computing
  2. GCE O/L Certificate
  1. For candidates having alternative qualifications:

Documents issued by the institute/institutes giving the name, duration, the course content (syllabus, No. of hours of theory, No. of hours of practical work) and the level of achievement obtained by you of the study programmes that you have completed or the successful results of any examination you have sat for and any certificates you have received.

  • A4 size Photocopies of 1–4 (in the case of Passport - photocopies of the relevant pages)
  • EDC copy of the payment voucher duly authorized by the bank authorities – If you couldn’t make the payment to the bank, you can make the payment to the UCSC Shroff, on the interview date. You have to pay Rs.2750/- for this purpose.
  • Three copies of colour photographs in passport size – taken recently.  Place your signature on the reverse of two photographs. Paste the third photograph on a clean sheet of A4 paper and have it attested by an *authorized person. The signature and the seal of the authorizing person should be placed across the photograph so as not to cover the face of the candidate.
  • Self Addressed Envelope of size 9”X4” with stamps to the value of Rs. 40/=.
  • The letter sent by UCSC
  • Affidavits (if necessary)

Note that provisional registration will not be granted if any of the above requirements are not satisfied.

*Head or Retired Head of a Government/Director Managed approved school, Grama Niladhari of the Division, Justice of Peace, Commissioner of Oaths, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, Commissioned Officer of the armed forces, Staff Officer of Govt./ Corporation, the Chief Incumbent of a Buddhist Vihara, A religious Dignitary of standing of any other religion.

Senior Asst Registrar

External Degrees Centre of the UCSC

Email :


List of Students for 21st January 2017

List of Students for 22nd January 2017


The deadline of BIT Registration for Year 2017 has been extended till 31st of January 2017.

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